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ufoai - UFO: Alien Invasion

UFO: ALIEN INVASION is a strategy game featuring tactical combat
against hostile alien forces which are about to infiltrate earth at
this very moment. You are in command of a small special unit which
has been founded to face the alien strike force. To be successful on
the long run, you will also have to have a research team study the
aliens and their technologies in order to learn as much as possible
about their technology, their goals and the aliens themselves.
License:GPLv2+ Group:Games and Entertainment
URL: Source: ufoai


Name Version Release Type Size Built
ufoai 2.2.1 3.fc10 i386 9.36 MiB Wed Jan 14 18:36:17 2009


* Tue Jan 22 23:00:00 2008 Karel Volny <kvolny{%}redhat{*}com> 2.2-1
- Version bump
- Added BuildRequires: curl-devel
- Changed language file handling
- Use bundled icons
- Added ufoded wrapper and menu entry
* Mon Feb 4 23:00:00 2008 Karel Volny <kvolny{%}redhat{*}com> 2.2-2
- Merged in ufoai-doc as a subpackage
- Added gtk-update-icon-cache to %post and %postun
* Mon Feb 18 23:00:00 2008 Karel Volny <kvolny{%}redhat{*}com> 2.2-3
- Fixed BuildRequires to include SDL_mixer-devel

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