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pdflib-lite-devel - Development files for pdflib

PDFlib is a development tool for PDF-enabling your software,
or generating PDF on your server. PDFlib offers a simple-to-use API
for programmatically creating PDF files from within your own server-
or client-side software. PDFlib doesn't make use of third-party software
for generating PDF, nor does it require any other tools.

This package contains the files needed for compiling programs that will use
the PDFlib library.
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URL: Source: pdflib-lite


Name Version Release Type Size Built
pdflib-lite-devel 7.0.4p4 1.fc10 i386 5.82 MiB Sat Jun 13 10:32:10 2009


* Fri Feb 29 23:00:00 2008 Remi Collet <Fedora{%}FamilleCollet{*}com> 7.0.2p8-1
- update to 7.0.2p8
- del destdir.patch ("make install DESTDIR" is now ok)
- add gcc43.patch for Fedora 9
* Sat Mar 15 23:00:00 2008 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at> 7.0.2p8-2
- rebuild for new perl
* Fri Mar 28 23:00:00 2008 Remi Collet <Fedora{%}FamilleCollet{*}com> 7.0.3-1
- update to 7.0.3
- fix CVE-2007-6561: PDFlib stack-based buffer overflows

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