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PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. It is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham.

The latest version is beta 0.64.

LEGAL WARNING: Use of PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink is illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed. I believe it is legal to use PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink in England and Wales and in many other countries, but I am not a lawyer and so if in doubt you should seek legal advice before downloading it. You may find this site useful (it's a survey of cryptography laws in many countries) but I can't vouch for its correctness.

Use of the Telnet-only binary (PuTTYtel) is unrestricted by any cryptography laws.

Latest news

2015-02-28 PuTTY 0.64 released, fixing a SECURITY HOLE

PuTTY 0.64, released today, fixes a security hole in 0.63 and before: private-key-not-wiped-2. Also diffie-hellman-range-check has been argued to be a security hole. In addition to these and other less critical bug fixes, 0.64 also supports the major new feature of sharing an SSH connection between multiple instances of PuTTY and its tools, and a command-line and config option to specify the expected host key(s).

2015-02-28, 15:43 UTC: Apparently the build initially uploaded to the website as 0.64 was in fact built from the wrong branch and didn't have those fixes in. Sorry again! Teething trouble from last year's migration to git. A new 0.64 is now up in its place. You can identify the wrong build by the fact that the list box in the SSH > Kex config panel includes the option "ECDH key exchange", which is a post-0.64 feature that should not be in the real 0.64. The correct 0.64 should not have that option.

2014-11-06 PuTTY 0.64 pre-release builds available

We are preparing to make a PuTTY 0.64 release. This release will contain all development features added before November, in particular sharing of one SSH connection between multiple PuTTY windows and tools; but it will not contain the very new elliptic-curve support that is in the development snapshots as of a few days ago. The pre-release builds are available from our Download page; testing and bug reports for them would be welcome.

2013-08-06 PuTTY 0.63 released, fixing SECURITY HOLES

PuTTY 0.63, released today, fixes four security holes in 0.62 and before: vuln-modmul, vuln-signature-stringlen, vuln-bignum-division-by-zero, private-key-not-wiped. Other than that, there are mostly bug fixes from 0.62 and a few small features.

2011-12-10 PuTTY 0.62 released

PuTTY 0.62 is out, containing only bug fixes from 0.61, in particular a security fix preventing passwords from being accidentally retained in memory.

2011-11-27 PuTTY 0.62 pre-release builds available

PuTTY 0.61 had a few noticeable bugs in it (but nothing security-related), so we are planning to make a 0.62 release containing just bug fixes. The Wishlist page lists the bugs that will be fixed by the 0.62 release. The Download page now contains pre-release snapshots of 0.62, which contain those bug fixes and should be otherwise stable. (The usual development snapshots, containing other development since 0.61, are also still available.)

2011-07-12 PuTTY 0.61 is released

PuTTY 0.61 is out, after over four years (sorry!), with new features, bug fixes, and compatibility updates for Windows 7 and various SSH server software.

2010-05-17 Google listing confusion

Several users have pointed out to us recently that the top Google hit for "putty" is now not the official PuTTY site but a mirror that used to be listed on our Mirrors page.

The official PuTTY web page is still where it has always been:


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