RCU git Tree


The following branches are of interest:

  1. rcu/next: RCU commits intended for the next merge window.
  2. lkmm: Linux-kernel memory model (LKMM) updates intended for the next merge window. Note that LKMM patches require at least one Acked-by (or Reviewed-by) from someone other than the author, and that Paul E. McKenney's Signed-off-by does not count.
  3. dev: Bleeding-edge code, both RCU and the Linux-kernel memory model.
  4. rcu/urgent: Fixes for regressions in mainline.

All of the above branches are subject to rebase. However, the old commits are kept around for at least six months by date-stamped branches, for example, “dev.2018.09.14b”.

This tree may be accessed as follows:

git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulmck/linux-rcu.git
git checkout origin/rcu/testing

Once created, you can make your local copy incorporate changes as follows:

git remote update
git checkout origin/rcu/testing

RCU Current Tasks

  1. Finish cleanup for RCU consolidation.
  2. Hunt down bugs and other infelicities introduced by RCU consolidation.
  3. Add forward-progress testing to rcutorture and fix any bugs located thereby.